A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

2290 AD.

Mankind is discovering outer space. Multiple starbases have been built far away from planet earth, connected by a network of stargates, which bridge the vast distances between alien sectors.

But the new emerging space empire is in danger. Reconnaissance units discovered the activities of an unknown enemy. The president himself is on the way to starbase gamma to supervise further investigations.

Help us to defeat this imminent threat commander!


  • 15 sectors with 20 different enemy vessels
  • 5 boss fights
  • campaign mode with cutscenes and arcade mode
  • detailed prerendered 3D graphics
  • epic soundtrack and soundeffects
  • global highscores will be saved online

Ram and capture an enemy vessel to use enemy weapons...


  • Windows: requires a graphics card with working openGL driver
  • Mac: requires Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or better
  • Linux: tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (might also work with other distributions)

Supported controls: joypad, keyboard, mouse, touch (analog joypad recommended)

homepage: www.lazycow.de/nanovoid
soundtrack: soundcloud.com/ntaino/sets/nanovoid-original-soundtrack

Install instructions

Just unpack the archive and start Nanovoid. (no installation required)

JOYPAD CONTROL: (recommended!)

Analog Stick --- Move your ship. (digital pad might work as well)
A --- Fire!
B --- Dock on a stunned enemy vessel! (or fire missile)
(insert joypad before starting the game!)


Arrow Keys --- Move your ship.
--- Fire!
--- Dock on a stunned enemy vessel! (or fire missile)

Enter the option menu to switch to MOUSE or TOUCH control.


nanovoid-win12.zip 17 MB
nanovoid-mac12.zip 17 MB
nanovoid-tux12.tgz 17 MB
nanovoid-ost.zip 28 MB


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Thank you, a very lovingly made space shooter.