A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ling awakes in Baron Baranov's dungeon. The baron fears all creatures of the
night and Ling knows that her dark heritage is the reason for her
imprisonment. Can she escape from the dungeon? Can she break her curse?


  • Use a digital Joypad if possible! (analog joypads should work, too)
  • Keyboard: Use cursor keys to move, CTRL as (A), ALT as (B). (jump keys can be configured in the main menu)
  • Press F11 to change between fullscreen mode (default) and window mode.
  • Press F12 to change between scanline mode (default) and fullpixel mode


  • press LEFT and RIGHT to run
  • press DOWN to crouch
  • press (A) to jump (hold (A) to jump higher) Take care, the momentum of your actual running speed influences your jump!
  • press (B) to punch
  • press (B) while jumping for a kick
  • hold (B) to throw daggers (if you have any)


  • press LEFT and RIGHT to run
  • press DOWN for a roll attack
  • press (A) to jump (hold (A) to jump higher) Take care, the momentum of your actual running speed influences your jump!
  • press (B) to bite
  • hold (B) to morph back to human form


wolfling14-win.zip 5 MB
wolfling14-mac.zip 5 MB
wolfling14-tux.tgz 5 MB
wolfling14-nes.zip 43 kB
wolfling14-c64.zip 35 kB


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Lovely graphics, good music and very playable on the good old C64. Not even multi-load. Very hard game, mind you, and pretty addictive. It would have made a great Commercial title :)

I streamed this game on twitch yesterday and received nothing but positive feedback.  It's amazingly fun to play, I don't even care that I continually die and have to start over.

I'd be careful with checkpoints/savepoints.  It really comes down to how long a playthrough might take; if you are playing for hours and you're only at the midpoint then yes you need a savepoint.  However if the game could be played through in say 30 mins a savepoint might make it too easy.  It's all about the time it would take in my opinion.

This game is awesome. Probably going to be a while before I beat it though :P It's tough. I love the art style though! And the transforming mechanic reminds me of a game I was working on a while ago. Maybe some day I'll finish that one.

Anyway, this is awesome. I also love the music.

Is there no way to save/no checkpoints?

No, sorry. But Version 1.5 will have savepoints.

what are supported controller. I tried on w10 with xbox 360 controller and snes usb controller none of these work. Even with joy2key alt donsen't work for attack for any button i set it

The joypad can be configured in the wolfling.ini - please take a look at the readme file how to do that. If you need assistance or if your joypad is not supported, write me a mail. (contact info should be at the end of the readme)

Deleted 310 days ago

Oh, sorry! If you want to help me debugging it, write me a mail. (contact info should be at the end of the readme)


I've had a small issue too launching it on Ubuntu 19.04. It couldn't find the libportaudio.so.2 lib, which is installed by default but not the 32-bit version (needed by the game) on 64-bit distro.

Had to install it with sudo apt-get install libportaudio2:i386

I'm not sure how itch is supposed to handle that kind of dependencies. Maybe the 32-bit lib should be bundled with the game?

Oh wow, it is almost a tribute to Inner Worlds! It was amazing DOS game with a girl werewolf too.

is this the finished game?


V1.4 is the most recent public version by now. (however, a 2nd level for an enhanced version is currently under contruction)

I played this on my Indie Game Showcase and playing this along with a few others is why I ended up investing in the C64 Mini. Although, I played this on PC. Wolfling plays very well on C64 Mini, it makes the game a lot more fun playing with the joystick and I had no issues with running this on the C64 Mini.

The game itself is fun and challenging and I enjoyed it.

It's simple, it's challenging, it's nostalgic as heck. Wolfling is a quality piece of work, with everything I can think of being in place to recreate the look and feel of an old NES era game. Something I've only seen a handful of people actually pull off well. And the option to play in C64 style instead of just NES? A big cherry on top.

Great job on this, dev.

Looks great! I have to check this out ... 

What a wonderful game! Thank you so much for making this, and for sharing this! It's really beautiful!